Bold and Beautiful Spoiler for the week of 1/20/2014 
 This week on B&B:

Hope gets a gift from Wyatt.
Hope goes to Rick for advice on her situation with Liam and Wyatt.
Liam tries to talk to Hope.
Quinn continues to interfere with the situation.
The Bill, Brooke, Katie, Ridge relationship gets more tense.
Hope and Wyatt head out on a roadtrip.
Oliver and Maya get closer.
Someone gets a marriage proposal.

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Young and the Restless Spoilers for this week January 20, 2014-- 
What's happening on Y&R this week? 

  • Summer wakes up.
  • Jack tells Sharon they are doing a blood test to find out what drug Summer took. 
  • Sharon worries about her secret. 
  • Nick tells Sharon she knows something is going on and wants to know what it is. Sharon says she will tell him everything later. 
  • Victor blames Jack for Summer taking drugs. 
  • Noah accuses Courtney of giving Summer the drugs. 
  • Chelsea wants to marry Adam before they leave for Paris. 
  • Adam wants a Paris wedding. 
  • Chelsea gets him to agree to a quickie wedding.
  • Abby gets locked in the apartment by the girl that's following her and Tyler. 
  • Kevin and Billy both think they are close to finding the person who hit Delia. 
  • Victor files charges that there were drugs at the photo shoot. 
  • Jack is furious and ready to go after Victor. 
  • Lauren and Michael get another suspicious package. 
  • Nikki isn't happy that Ian Ward is in town. 
  • Billy is hot on the trail of figuring out the Adam/Delia situation: 
  • Billy is curious about why Adam wants to move so suddenly. 
  • Billy finds a calla lily that was left at Delia's grave and remembers seeing Chelsea with one that Adam gave her. 
Billy hears Adam say 'balancing the karmic scales' and remembers the anonymous poster saying the same thing. 
Billy prints off all the anonymous poster's posts. 
He asks Kevin to track down the poster via ip address, etc. 

 Sneak peek of this week....

Source: Soap Opera Digest, TV Guide

Sneak peek and spoilers for the Bold and the Beautiful this week: (1/4/2014)

Katie and Ridge talk and get closer.
Quinn warns Liam to leave Wyatt and Hope alone.
Liam decides to investigate the jewelry heist situation.
Liam gets assistance from Pam and Charlie.
Quinn warns Charlie not to talk.
Bill buys Wyatt a house.
Wyatt wants Hope to move in with him.
Caroline and Rick head to the steam room to let off some steam.


What's happening on Y&R this week? 1/14/2014 Summer heads down a dangerous path after a fight with Fen. Jack knows Victor is holding something over Adam's head and is determined to find out what it is. Abby and Tyler talk about their future together. Jack gets news about Phyllis. Sharon considers confessing (again) Billy is very close to figuring out Adam's secret. Victoria and Stitch get closer as do Billy and Kelly. Sneak peek Video:

The Young and the Restless has announced they will air a special tribute episode in honor of Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) on May 28, 2013 with interviews from Jeanne Cooper and favorite memories from the cast of Y&R. Jeanne Cooper passed away May 8, 2013 --she had played the role of Katherine Chancellor for 39 years.

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